Our Vision is to have a poverty free, healthy, self-reliant, and a dignified life for all humans regardless of gender or race.

Our mission is to support the very poor communities with strategic interventions like good education, livelihood boosts like modern farm implements, clean water access, descent housing for the vulnerable like orphans, widows and food aid to the poor during bad seasons caused by climate change patterns and disasters.

Al Kareem relief foundation is a moslem founded relief aid and livelihood support organization with a focus on social economic empowerment of the needy communities and promotion of moslem development programs like provision of water wells, construction of schools for the needy, mosques for communities ,health centers, provision of shelter to the needy like orphans, widows, the elderly and many other long term strategic interventions to poverty like promotion of modern farming methods, livestock and poultry rearing, capacity building for skills development to the poor and vulnerable ummah  so as to improve the livelihoods of our needy communities and enhance a dignified life for all humans regardless of race or gender. We also aim at sourcing for support to our needy ummah during the holy month of Ramadan and offer Qurbani in fulfillment of the sunnah our grandfather Ibrahim (ASW) by provision of animal sadaqa to our needy brothers and sisters who can not afford to offer an animal or have meat on Eid adha.

During times of natural disasters like floods, landslides, drought and femine, we also provide emergency food relief to save lives.

We were established in 2015 as a social group of young men and women working in formal employment but with a passion to improve the living standards of our local communities by mobilizing the locals and sharing social developmental ideas using our little salaries to support our needy ummah.

After a considerable spell working in a unofficial way despite of a very noble and progressive agenda, we registered as a community-based organization in 2019 by the department of community development of the republic of Uganda under the NGO act 113 as a law-abiding organization registration number 1085.

We are Al Kareem Relief Foundation operating in Soroti and other parts of eastern Uganda but with our secretariat in Mbale city for central coordination of our activities

Join us to serve our needy brothers and sisters by donating whatever resource you have to help us provide help to others


Promote Islamic teachings and peaceful co-existence for community development

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