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In Africa, Over 9million women are widows and more than 15million children are orphans. Many due to the wars and HIV and many other factors which has severely subjected a number of households to suffering due to the loss of their breadwinners.

Your sadaqa, means a lot to many that have no hope as it can fund, the construction of a decent 12x 8″ double room house of 20 iron sheets, a kitchen and toilet for a widow with an average of about five orphans to take care of. That includes the plastering and basic painting just to earn you immense rewards from Allah Subhannah Wata’Allah.

Our Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) in one hadith said

” The one that helps orphans will be close to me” and further taught in one of his last sermons in hajj that “a house that treats orphans well is the best house and the house that I’ll treats orphans is the worst house” (Bukhari)

Our team of volunteers includes masons and porters who have chosen to work for their akhera by donating their skills and knowledge.

Join us by pleasing Allah



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